This Winter, Warm Up Your Bathroom In These Effective Ways

Winters can be extremely tough to handle, and bathrooms are definitely one of the places that get super chilly during those times. The worst is walking on icy bathroom floors, especially after leaving your cosy bed. But worry not, as we have put together some of the best and most effective ways, like bath tubs, digital showers, intelligent toilets, showers and many others for you to use your bathroom without catching a cold.

Take a look:

Digital showers

Worried about walking into an icy splash of water? Digital showers are here for your rescue. These showers are unlike the standard mixer showers and operate digitally. Basically, you can use an app or other controls to warm up the water or control the flow of water accordingly. Additionally, digital showers also help in controlling the wastage of water along with monitoring energy consumption, as well as have the added benefit of having different spray options, with the option of being easily installed.

Bathtubs or bathroom tubs

Kohler bathtubs make your soaking in bathtubs possible during the chilly weather. Our collection of bathtubs from the Whirlpool Bath Tub, Reach™ and many others have excellent heating systems, which make the bathing experience a fulfilling one. Kohler’s walk-in bathroom tubs also melt the stress away as you recline and lean on the bathtub’s heated surfaces whenever you’re in it.

Intelligent Toilets

Intelligent toilets by Kohler make you feel nothing less than royalty. It has a plethora of features, which range from intelligent design and intuitive hands-free opening and closing to heated seats that leave you feeling warm. Further, Kohler intelligent toilets have programmable cleaning features which cleanse efficiently. It has excellent features like front and rear warm water and pulsating sprays that can be altered between soft and strong. Kohler intelligent sprays also oscillate back and forth for a wholesome cleaning experience. We focus on innovating products which make user’s experiences better.

Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures by Kohler are great for all kinds of bathrooms. Before you get them fitted into your bathroom, make a note of the size of the enclosures. The large enclosures, with an enclosed door, tend to keep you warm after a shower and until you warm yourself. Further, if you get a shower enclosure, most of your worries about feeling cold in the washroom will be sorted. The framed doors are usually capable of trapping the heat inside after you’re done with a shower. Made of super strong glass, there is no way that it will break or get damaged soon.

Bathroom Heaters

Well, the bathroom heaters are a functional and convenient addition to your bathroom. They can keep you feeling warm after you step out of your shower or your bathtub. Apart from this, it is essential to have a heater which is high on durability and keeps up with you for a longer time. Further, bathroom heaters by Kohler have been highly recommended and considered among the strongest and best bathroom heaters that require minimal maintenance. Do note that the most durable products only come from the world’s best brands, and Kohler is definitely the one that will never disappoint your requirements.

Bidet Seat Heaters

Bidet seat heaters by Kohler are renowned for their innovative features and their influence in making bathroom seats warmer during the winter months. These bidet seat heaters have amazing additions – starting from the heated seat with five temperature settings, the in-line heater, which continuously provides heated water for consistent comfort, a filter which controls the odour and much more, such as a touchscreen remote control, LED lighting to serve as night lighting.

As cold sets in, we understand your need to feel comfortable in your bathroom. The above additions for your Kohler products will definitely ensure that your space is rightly heated and you feel the right amount of cosy while taking a shower or soaking in for a long bath. Kohler’s exclusive collection of bathroom tubs, bidet seat heaters, shower enclosures, digital showers and toilets come with varied settings and temperatures that make your whole visit to the bathroom a rewarding experience.


30 Mar, 2022, 13:19 BST