Bidet Toilets and Five Reasons to install them for an Effortless and User-friendly Experience


With technological innovation, many things in the past have gone through a transformation. The use of technology in the toilets has brought a revolution in bringing—convenience and ease to the ultimate user.

Bidet toilets are bathroom fixtures leading to a superior user experience by bringing advanced innovative technology to the bathroom. It leads to a touchless interface while washing yourself.

Bidets are toilet accessories slowly becoming essential parts of modern bathrooms. Traditionally, bidets are placed near a standing WC as a separate porcelain fixture. One may mistake these for a very short hand wash, but that’s not the case.

A bidet toilet seat is attached to any standard toilet fixture with a button that allows you to clean yourself and makes for a hands-free user experience. Deodorizers, self-cleaning nozzles, heated seats, and personalized water spray settings are some of the notable features of bidet toilets. The bidet has different toilet seat cover designs for enhanced visual appeal and forms part of Modern Toilet Accessories. Kohler offers various premium toilet accessories for an enriching experience.

These high-tech bidets and toilet combos are a more contemporary innovation. They are added onto an existing toilet with a simple and easy installation, replacing the toilet seat. You’ll use the bidet function while still sitting on the toilet. A clean nozzle extends beneath for spray, then retracts when not in use inside the seat.


With electronic bidet toilet seats, you can enjoy warm water washes having integrated water heaters. These modern marvels have all sorts of extras like warm air dryers, heated seats, night lights, and deodorizers.


5 Reasons to use a Bidet Toilet Seat

1. Improves Toilet Hygiene

Bidets as toilet accessories improve your toilet hygiene by removing the need for jet sprays or toilet paper. Smart bidets offer a hands-free experience and are easy to navigate for everyone, especially those who need help or need help with how to use jet sprays.

2. Limits the Spread of Germs

Bidets can help keep your bathroom hygienic and clean as the entire bidet toilet seat usage process is self-contained and aids in limiting the spread of germs across your bathroom.

3. Enhances your Overall Bathroom Experience

An intelligent bidet enhances your everyday bathroom experience. A bidet toilet seat offers you to have the best possible experience by cleaning and washing you well with a button push. It ensures that comfort comes first while offering the utmost hygiene.

4. Good for the environment

Bidet toilets reduce the need for toilet paper and are environmentally friendly. Certain smart bidets come with sensors that prevent water leaks and thus help in water conservation.

5. Gives you complete control of temperature and pressure.

Nowadays, most smart bidet seats allow you complete control over the pressure, water temperature, and how much wind to blow to keep you dry. This ultra-smart advantage is among the best reasons you should fit your bathroom with an electronic bidet seat.


Installing a handheld bidet

A handheld bidet sprayer offers easy installation and can be attached to a nearby wall or the toilet tank. Bidet sprayers and attachments are other bidet add-on options for your toilet. They’re also the most economical, powered only by water pressure. Bidet attachments install beneath your toilet seat rather than replacing it. You control the nozzle spray by turning a dial on the attachment arm.

A handheld bidet sprayer is similar to a garden hose kitchen sprayer. Hold it in your hand, aim in the desired direction, and start washing. Bidet sprayers are usually placed on the wall or toilet tank in a holster. These sprayers are also great multi-purpose tools. They’re convenient for bathing pets in the tub, rinsing down shower walls, or even as diaper sprayers for cleaning cloth diapers.


Upgrade Your Toilet with Kohler’s Bidet Seat

The Pure clean bidet cleansing seat makes it easy and convenient to add to your existing toilet with the assurance of hygienic personal cleansing. Pure clean offers the superior cleansing of a spray wand that’s fully adjustable for water pressure and position with a sleek, low-profile seat design. This manual bidet toilet seat requires no batteries or electricity and connects to the toilet’s water supply line.


30 Mar, 2022, 13:19 BST