Reform the look and feel of your toilet with Kohler’s bidet seat.

Kohler’s Bidet Seat will improve the sanitation of your bathroom and will provide more comfort as well. Experience the true sense of relaxation along with a cleaner toilet seat. Discover how using water is more effective and clean than toilet paper. The variety of contemporary designs of bidet seats will not only improve the efficiency of your usage but will also light up your bathroom. Explore more the controls and experiment with Kohler’s spa like amenities and bidet-functionality such as warm water cleansing, a heated seat, nightlight and a lot more.

C3R-230 Bidet Toilet Seat

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Take a step forward and explore the advanced controls and technology with Kohler’s bidet seat. All Kohler bidet seats also include bidet functionality and a three-year warranty.

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What options of Bidet seats are available?

 All bidet seats are divided into three categories, one can pick their favorite and most suitable to them out of these options-

  1. Mechanical bidet seats
  2. Powered bidet seats
  3. Intelligent toilets

Now, the powered bidet seats plug into an outlet and the intelligent toilets are built-in bidet seats. Once you decide which category you wish to pick, you can decide the specific bidet seat.

How do the bidet seats work?

 Now this is the most common question asked by potential customers. It is very easy and convenient to use the bidet seats. They work by directly connecting to your home’s water supply line, just like your regular faucet. Every bidet seat includes a diverter valve which allows you to split the water supply between the toilet and the bidet seat.

Is the water cold or warm?

 One of the best things about Kohler bidet seats is that one can control the temperature of the water according to their own preference. Pure tide, the mechanical model of the bidet seat allows one to control the water pressure as well.

If a bidet seat is used, then is there any need to use toilet paper?

Although when using a bidet seat one can let go of the usage of toilet paper, this option is solely in the hands of the user. The models of bidet seats can vary and some models also include a warm-air drying functionality to reduce the usage of paper, but it totally depends on the user’s choice, if they are comfortable with toilet paper then they can choose to use it.

How are bidet seats powered? Are all charged with batteries?

 The bidet seats use Pure tide as their mechanical model. Hence, they do not take any external power or cord to function. Advanced models like our C3® bidet seats and intelligent toilets require a dedicated electrical GFCI circuit (120 V, 15A, 60HZ, 1800W).

How to know that any Kohler bidet seat will fit in my existing seat?

 Built with the most flexible designs, any Kohler bidet seat can fit Kohler or non Kohler toilet modes. But it is always better to purchase a bidet seat after taking the measurements and deciding the model.

Can I install one by myself? If yes, then how?

 Yes, one can easily install a bidet seat by themselves if they follow the right procedure. You would need the basic household tools including a screwdriver, a wrench, and a plumbing tape. It will not take more than 15 minutes to install the bidet seat. The bidet seats come with an inlet water supply hose, a T fitting valve which separates the flow to the seat and the toilet. If you are purchasing the electric or installing the intelligent route, then you will need an electric outlet near your toilet. But one can easily learn all of this with our video on bidet cleansing seat installation.


30 Mar, 2022, 13:19 BST