Mechanical Tank without Frame, 3.0/6.0 LPF

KOHLER Instaflush is our best in class In-wall sollution to add panache to your bathroom, Just install it and secure peace of mind for years to come. *faceplate sold separately

Dimensions & Measurements


  • Leak Proof design : KOHLER Instaflush guarantees no leakages and complete peace of mind. Each tank is tested for 2 lakh cycles which is equivalent to 50 years of use
  • Solid Construction : KOHLER Instaflush has a sturdy build, with no joints, ensuring that it can withstand a load upto 1000 Kg.
  • Debris Proof : Stainless steel filter to block debris from entering the tank, while a sloping surface inside the tank ensures that any debris inside the tank slides out
  • Low filling time : Don’t wait between flushes as the tank fills up in less than a minute at 3 Bar pressure
  • “Silent Filling : Water fills in silently so that your loved ones can sleep uninterrupted Flexible Installation : 4 Way inlet ensures easy installation under any setting of water supply – be it on the top, back, left or right of the water tank. Allows for back to back installation Pneumatic Adaptability A Unique container to hold toilet tablet cleaners, so that they do not dissolve easily Easy Servicing : A unique shape and slim design of flush valve ensures that it can be taken out easily for service if required”
  • for more info refer technical files


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