On/Off Switch Module

KOHLER DTV+ switch modules give you the ability to integrate control of bathroom electrical devices with the DTV+ system, expanding the convenience and comfort of the DTV+ showering system. Modules allow for wireless control of multiple electrical devices such as bathroom lights, fans, and towel warmers. This on/off switch module retrofits to your existing light switches.

Dimensions & Measurements


  • The bridge and switch module system allows the user to control and operate most electrical devices from the DTV+ interface.
  • On/off switch module provides control of the electrical device and communication to the DTV+ bridge module.
  • DTV+ system can control up to three switch modules utilizing the bridge module
  • On/off switch modules must be located within 25ft of the bridge module for reliable operation.
  • Timer function for precise control.
  • Example applications: Bathroom lighting, bathroom fans, switchable glass, towel warmers.


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