Elevate your family life with a bidet toilet seat

Bidet seats are becoming more popular as people discover an increased quality of life through their comfort. But some–and they might be members of your family–are still hesitant to switch or add a cleansing toilet seat option to their bathroom setting.

Whether you live alone or in a multigenerational household, there are hygienic and environmental advantages of bidet seats. They can provide you and your family with the best toilet experience for the future, an elevated cleansing functionality, and will simply make you feel cleaner and more confident. Soon you and your loved ones will be bidet seat advocates and recommending them to everyone you know! Let’s start with the young ones.

Taking the first and most important step to toilet hygiene

Transitioning toddlers from diapers to using the toilet is not an easy task. A bidet seat can help make the learning experience more comfortable and fun. It’s important to educate children on personal hygiene from an early age. The gentle cleansing spray setting is more pleasant and hygienic than wiping the delicate skin of young ones with dry paper. Patting the skin dry is convenient and kinder and gives you an opportunity to explain about water-saving and paper-reducing benefits without having to deal with the mess. Soon, the little ones will want to use the toilet all by themselves, especially when there is a heated seat to linger on and a favorite comic book to read.

But not only will small children enjoy bidet seats. Grandparents will also appreciate the benefits of bidet seats.

Keeping pace with time and ensuring independence and self-respect

When you live with your parents or an elderly relative or you see them aging in their homes, they may get to a point when mobility becomes a challenge and going to the bathroom is more of chore than a relief. Lack of strength or balance can make the simple act of using a toilet an unpleasant, and even difficult experience.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Bidet seats are easy to use and diminish the discomfort of reaching around and twisting to wipe. There are pre-set adjustable spray, nozzle positions, and water pressure as well as a remote control for easy use in getting thoroughly clean. A gentle water spray and drying option (depending on the model) even elevates the act.

Elderly persons who may suffer from arthritis or other ailments are often less agile and using a bidet seat can increase their comfort level. In case of constipation or troubled bowl movements, a strong, pulsating, warm water stream could also help to provide faster relief.

Cleaning with water instead of paper may reduce infections or hemorrhoids, and other age-related inconveniences. An automatic built-in deodorization takes away the worry about bathroom odors. In addition, bidet seats save water and can give older people independence, privacy, and dignity.

If the ability to read comic books on a warm toilet seat and personal well-being have not convinced you yet, the eco-savings probably will.

The cleaner, calmer you in a spotless bathroom

You don’t have to be millennial or a member of Gen X to be concerned about the environment. Saving water and using less toilet paper is in your DNA and is an easy way to help protect the planet. But we know you won’t stop there.

Increased hygiene, technological advances, personalization, and convenience are convincing factors that ensure bidet seats interest adults at any age. Whatever improves daily routines, adds speed, leaves you cleaner, or prevents the spread of germs, is something you want to get your hands on. In a recent study, it was uncovered that bidet seats result in reducing up to 75% of toilet paper use. That means less toilet clogging, fewer calls to the plumber, and saving time and money on utility bills. Hence, fewer worries and a cleaner conscience about the environment.

Even tiny steps are easy.

Once you switch over to bidet seats, there is no going back. The installation is easy and fast. Bidet seats fit a wide variety of toilets, budgets, lifestyles, and aesthetics. For example, the C3™ bidet seat with cleansing functionality, and front and rear wash modes, doesn’t require extra space as it fits on top of the existing toilet. It increases everyone’s comfort level and represents the future of toileting.

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