Bidet and Floor Mounted Bidet: Reason to Buy Them for Your Bathroom

Floor Mounted Bidet

What are Bidet toilets?

A bidet is a bowl-shaped sanitary fixture similar to a toilet commode designed to be fitted next to it. It is an excellent addition to bathroom sanitaries to offer you the most hygienic way to wash and clean your private parts after toilet use.

Designed meticulously with the latest advancements and upgrades, bidets are also known as low-to-the-ground basins where you can sit and clean your genitals and around areas with ease. Eliminating the use of toilet paper and sprays, bidets are a more innovative option for creating a cleaner and brighter ambience in a bathroom. This fantastic innovation offers exceptional comfort and a customizable experience, enhancing your everyday routine. Further, this development of bidet toilets also brings in intelligent features like automatic or remote control, heated seats, self-cleaning nozzles, and more, providing a luxury experience at your convenience.

Bidets function as smartly as they are designed. Unlike traditional toilet commodes, they have controls, sensors, adjustable water pressure controllers, and nozzles. As they begin to function after you use the toilet, the nozzle of the bidet toilet extends to aim for cleaning. Once done, the automated air dryer feature becomes activated to complete your cleaning process. Overall, it promotes personal hygiene at its best, while the design makes the bathroom look elegant.

What are Floor-Mounted Bidets?

Floor-mounted bidets are similar to the low-to-the-ground basin fixed to the floor as a cleansing station after toilet use. After you use the toilet commode every day, floor-mounted bidets offer you a hygienic way to clean yourself thoroughly by omitting the use of sprays and toilet paper.

Floor-mounted bidets being surrounded by the floor offer a convenient way to carry out everyday routines while also enhancing the bathroom ambience. They are designed in sleek and modern designs, which ensures a balance of design and functionality. They complement the bathroom and other sanitary fixtures, perfectly fitting any bathroom design. Moreover, the uncluttered installation and seamless appearance evoke a sense of a more expansive and inviting space.

Incorporating bidet toilet commodes can transform your bathrooms into a luxurious oasis. They seamlessly embark on any dark increment with their integrated smart innovation. The best part is that these innovations are no less than contributing to sustainability, saving a lot for a better future.

Reasons to Buy Bidets for Your Bathroom

Here are a few compelling reasons for choosing the bidet installation for your bathroom:

Improved Hygiene

Bidet toilets are a great way to maintain your hygiene. It offers you a superior experience and an alternative to toilet paper, emphasizing the importance of personal hygiene for enhanced well-being. Using a bidet ensures thorough cleansing of your private parts and surrounding areas, minimizing the risk of infection and other bacteria.

Comfort and Convenience

Bidets in the bathroom provide you with unparalleled comfort and convenience, from offering you a smart way to access water of different temperatures to pressure control, an air dryer, and a heated seat, giving you a personalized experience. Its ease of installation and use makes it a convenient option for people of all ages.

Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond their excellent functionality and innovation, bidets are designed with a sleek and modern appeal, contributing to the aesthetics of the bathroom. The models are designed to blend in with modernity and sophistication, catering to different bathroom styles.

commode toilets

Innovative Addition

Bidet commode toilets are an innovative addition to your bathroom, representing a blend of traditionality and modernity. It is designed for making efficient use of water, reducing paper consumption, adjusting water smartly, pressure control, and heating options, making it a prominent choice for modern bathroom designs. Moreover, the personalized experience it gives revolutionizes the overall bathroom experience, making it enjoyable and comfortable to carry out your everyday bathroom routine.

Final Thoughts

A revolutionary addition, bidet toilets should not be overlooked, as they can elevate your overall experience, making your everyday routine convenient. Here’s the time to prioritize your health and hygiene with Kohler and its range of top-quality bidet toilets. Manufactured using premium raw materials that stand testament to quality, Kohler bidet toilets allow you to make a long-term investment in sanitary care.


30 Mar, 2022, 13:19 BST