7 Trending Commode Designs for Contemporary Bathrooms

Unleash Individual Style in Every Bathroom

Imagine stepping into the epitome of luxury and relaxation and having a spa-like experience at home! You can bring a spa to your home just by transforming your bathroom into a contemporary oasis.

Modern bathroom designs have evolved, and sanitary ware accessories are one of the elements that take the most credit for making the space look elegant. Modern commode designs are that bathroom accessory that not just elevates your experience but seamlessly upgrades your bathroom ambience, evoking a sense of rejuvenation. From the raw materials chosen to manufacture commode designs, these toilet designs embody the perfect blend of form and function a bathroom needs. The sleek lines, minimal colors and textures, innovative features, and top-notch specifications make the necessity a design statement.

Now, it is the trends that are shaping the future of design. Focusing on the latest and most revolutionary designs, along with the advancements in functionality, allows you to make an informed and smart choice for your bathrooms. Whether you are looking to design a new bathroom or seeking designs for renovation, the latest commode design trends create the most stylish and contemporary appeal. Here are seven trending latest commode designs true to their form and function:

Classic Toilet:

Classic toilets are designed with a timeless and elegant charm to provide the utmost sophistication. The model is true to its quality; you can sit without worrying about breakage. It has a water tank with a highly functional flush attached to ease your process. It enhances your experience, and its classic appeal blends the sleek and minimalist design and makes the bathroom look contemporary and elegant.


Wall-mounted toilets are one of the most common and modern commode toilets, known for their sleek and appealing structure. Wall-mounted commode designs are attached to the wall and are above the floor, contributing to space-saving solutions. These are designs highly suitable for small bathrooms to make them look expanded and inviting in contemporary styles.

Dual Toilet Seat Design:

A dual toilet commode design is an innovative solution that comprises a toilet and a bidet that function differently. Technological advancements have brought a unique way to maintain hygiene where you can use a budget to clean yourself after using the toilet. This has an efficient water supply, a dryer, and a heated seat for an advanced experience. Dual toilet designs are the best for modern bathroom styles.

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Intelligent Commode Toilet:

Intelligent commode toilets are designed intelligently, integrating the finest technology for a premium bathroom experience. It incorporates advanced features such as smart water pressure and temperature control, effortless automatic flushing, and other sensor-enabled specifications contributing to efficiency and aesthetics.

Intelligent modern commode toilets are the curation to the modern contemporary fitting that elevates and enhances your bathroom. These toilets are perfect if you are looking for comfort and convenience.

Rimless Toilet Designs:

Rimless toilet designs are the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, where no frame is around the bowl and the sleek design takes all the attention. These rimless toilets are well-designed to provide the utmost hygiene while offering a seamless and efficient flushing mechanism. It allows you to make the perfect and innovative choice by contributing to the overall design and style.

All-Black Commode:

All-black is the most trending and latest toilet design that creates a bold and aesthetic statement for every type of bathroom. Adding an all-black modern commode is no less than illuminating your bathroom with luxury and elegance. This type of commode not only adds luxury to your space but also enhances your everyday toilet experience, giving you the utmost pleasure.

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Nature-Inspired Toilet Design:

Nature-inspired modern commode toilets are another trendiest design, winning hearts because of their alluring style. It is an excuse to bring nature indoors and draw inspiration from the wooden textures and vintage appeal for a refreshing bathroom experience. Nature-inspired designs are also popular because they are highly immune to temperature changes. It evokes a sense of tranquility, transforming your space into a spa-like environment.

Final Thoughts 

Commodes have recently evolved as statement pieces that add much drama to the bathrooms. The trends, innovations, and market demands have together curated a wide and comprehensive range that allows you to make an informed decision that suits your preferences well.

For choosing the perfect commode bathroom design, consider buying one from a renowned brand like Kohler Middle East. With years of experience, Kohler Middle East has come so far in showcasing the best modern commodes tailored to different requirements. Every Kohler piece is a commitment to quality and excellence and a stylish statement for contemporary bathroom styles.

All you need to do is explore the wide range of modern commodes and choose the one that elevates your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which shape of commode is the best?

You can consider round toilets, which are best for small bathrooms, and square toilets, which are best for modern and luxury appeal.

Which commode is more comfortable?

Kohler toilet sheets are highly comfortable as they are tailored to customer requirements. Choosing the one that is comfortable also differs from person to person.

What is the new type of toilet?

Dual toilet seat designs are the new type of innovative toilets that have a bidet for cleansing.

 Which is Kohler’s best flushing toilet?

Though all Kohler’s toilets are excellent, intelligent toilets are the best recommended.


30 Mar, 2022, 13:19 BST