Wellbeing reinvented

Whirlpools by Kohler


Comfortable, quiet and simply stylish, the new range of whirlpool baths by Kohler brings wellbeing to a new level and offers each bather a true voyage of the senses.


Whirlpool systems are effective against stress and fatigue and are attracting an increasing number of users. Young and not-so-young alike are interesting in buying a whirlpool bath, providing they find an offer that suits all living spaces and that is easy to use.

Kohler’s whirlpool baths come with three systems, in 6 styles and 19 models - including a corner Presqu’île model, a striking rectangular Evok model or even an offset Odéon Up bath. In other words, they meet all expectations.

Every time you immerse yourself, you enjoy a quiet, sensorial moment for the utmost in wellbeing…which you experience in total peace.



A sensory journey for your enjoyment and health

The massage feature on Kohler’s whirlpool baths is:

  • A major innovation: an especially comfortable headrest, with an integrated waterfall, relieves your spine and the base of your neck.

It means:

  • A full back massage, thanks to 4 back jets, a foot massage with 2 foot jets, and a full body massage thanks to air injectors at the bottom of the bath and side jets.
    Today eight out of ten French people suffer or will suffer from back pain during their lives (Source: INPES).

In addition to:

  • The enjoyment and benefits of gentle, customized chromatherapy: An ultra-bright LED spotlight pleasantly colors the water; each massage programme has a specific color selection.
  • Invisible injectors at the bottom of the bath, exclusively by Kohler, along with jets, suction inlet and integral keypad – all flush with the surface - provide each whirlpool with its own personality.
  • Regardless of the model or system, the bather is guaranteed to enjoy a massage sequence in absolute quiet, thanks to the Silence Programme.

Kohler whirlpool baths are equipped with a quiet blower, an acoustics kit and sound insulating panels (optional on the Plus system).

The water temperature is a determining factor in the benefit you obtain from the whirlpool:

  • Models in the Excellence line have an integrated water reheater.

A sensory journey in perfect simplicity

  • All it takes is a touch to the backlit keypad to select the programme you want, easily and intuitively.
  • Up to four programmes to choose from: Gentle and quiet (Silence), Energizing (Tonic), Relaxing (Relax) and Draining (Wave), with its own colored sequence each time.

A sensory journey without a worry

  • The assured safety of a French-made product (our Troyes plant) which explains the 4-year guarantee on all new Kohler whirlpool baths, whether it applies to parts, labor or service call.
  • Ease of installation, thanks to the self-supporting frame; easy care, thanks to the flush injectors and suction inlet.


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