VOLUTE New cast iron bath by Kohler

An elegant bath with a restrained, timeless style


Volute is the new bath that Kohler has added to its sixteen current cast-iron collections.

Now the brand meets all consumer expectations - in terms of price, dimensions, functionalities, comfort and shapes.

An elegant bath with a restrained, modern style

Volute’s oval shape, as well as its elegant, modern, classic style, makes it the bath for all interiors.

In other words, with Volute, you can create the bathroom that most reflects you!

This new bath works in a drop-in or undermount installation. The extremely flat edge means the bath can be positioned flush with the tiling, as opposed to most other cast iron baths.


img-volute_2Added bath comfort

Added comfort comes from Volute’s soft, fluid lines. The bath is also contoured at both ends for enjoyable, two-person bathing.

A built-in overflow has a smooth surface that is easy to care for and is resolutely modern.

An anti-slip bottom provides optimal safety and prevents any risk of falling.

Cast iron – a superior, durable material

The enamel, fired at high temperatures, means the cast iron is resistant to scratches, impact and burns.

The bath is ideal for hotel projects because of the easy upkeep.

This solid material also suits consumers who want to invest in a superior, quality material.

Kohler cast-iron baths are guaranteed 25 years.

Environment friendly

Thanks to the cast iron’s thermal inertia, bath water temperature is kept warm longer, letting users enjoy themselves fully without adding hot water.

Additionally, cast-iron is a single material, so it is 100% recyclable.




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