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Modulo by Kohler


Modulo, the new state-of-the-art built-in system for exceptional showers
Behind every great achievement is state-of-the-art technology - the result of demanding research and creative approach. Kohler’s R&D department worked to design a new build-in system, offering simple, elegant, high-performance solutions that pair with the most leading-edge designs.

Versatility and ease of installation
Modulo is a universal build-in platform for control valves, thermostatic valves or 3-way diverters. The optimal use of each millimeter allows such versatility and, thanks to multiple fixing points, the Modulo box adapts to a large number of configurations: traditional wall, drywall or between two thin partitions.

Total impermeability and perfect quiet
The body of the Modulo box is in dezinc-resistant brass, and presents no porosity or cracking - so it is especially resistant over time. The box structure, made of watertight plastic, eliminates any risk of leakage and also limits transmitted noise, for the greatest in user comfort.


Personalized showering space
The universal Modulo system supports trims that coordinate with no less than 14 Kohler washbasin and bath tap collections, including Singulier, Purist and Aleo. The valve inside the box can easily be changed if you decide on another style. The system is ideal, with a thermostatic valve that offers maximum safety (water limited to 50°C), comfort and water efficiency. Modulo also suits installations in bathing spaces, thanks to a control mixer with a lockable diverter (especially useful for water networks with low pressure).

Modulo can therefore evolve over time, changing from one system to another, especially if you redo your bathroom. This new universal build-in box by Kohler is the preferred product for bathroom projects and a natural partner for the most demanding installers.


Modulo – Stages in installing a thermostatic valve –Toobi trim



Modulo – Stages in installing a control valve - Aleo+



2014 recommended retail prices, tax included (VAT 20 %), starting at:

Universal box €114
Valves and trims, €90 to €618


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