Kohler takes innovation to another level with FLIGHT SAFE

The new anti-slip finish for Flight shower trays


After the success of the Flight shower trays, Kohler has broadened its offer with an exclusive option – the special Flight anti-slip finish.

Unique safety and comfort

The new Flight anti-slip finish, applied over the entire tray surface prior to the thermoforming process, displays excellent adherence properties. It is ranked Class C according to French standard XP 05-010, with slip resistance tested on a wet surface at an angle of inclination over 30°.

Discreet and pleasant

Made from a solution composed of extremely fine aggregates sprinkled over the entire surface, the new finish is virtually invisible to the naked eye and imperceptible to the touch. It has a matte look and provides the pleasant sensation of fine sand under your feet. Together these two features ensure safety for users of all ages.



img-fight-safe_2Guaranteed resistance

Flight Safe remains unchanged over time. Regardless of abrasion, solvents, chemical agents or simply light (UV), this finish provides a level of wear resistance that remains unaltered over the years. It can easily be cleaned with soapy water, and is guaranteed - 10 years for home use and 5 years for commercial use.

Flight Safe is available on all square and rectangular shower trays (except for the 76x76 cm model). The trays are also protected with an anti-microbial, silver ion treatment called BioCote® that can reduce the level of bacteria by 99% in 2 hours.

Meet Kohler’s Flight Safe, an excellent choice that combines comfort and safety in your showering spaces!


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