Kohler launches RIMOVE rimless toilet for believers in all-out clean

Rimove, a rimless WC bowl by Kohler


Since hygiene and cleanliness are major toilet concerns, Kohler has launched Rimove, a rimless WC bowl for guaranteed hygiene and easy day-to-day care. The secret is in an ultra-efficient flush system, a smooth interior and a rim-free fixture so that every nook and cranny is accessible. Comfort for everyone by Kohler.



Reach RIMOVE…when toilets mean carefree use

Inconveniences and drawbacks such as germ and bacteria growth, hard-to-clean zones, mineral deposits, are all a thing of the past, thanks to Rimove, an addition to the Reach line. Maximum hygiene and effortless care are the key words behind the design for this new rimless toilet by Kohler. Not to mention the eco-friendly feature that saves approximately 22m3 per year (2.6/4L). Rimove is THE ideal solution for users seeking comfort and peace-of-mind.


Why remove the rim?

The rim is the lip situated inside the perimeter of the bowl which distributes water to rinse the toilet interior. So why remove it? The rim makes it hard to access a space where germs proliferate. Thanks to Kohler’s technological innovations, the rim was removed to provide all-out cleanliness.

Reach RIMOVE technology: 5 pluses that make all the difference!

Zoom in on a one-of-a-kind combination of 5 unique features and related benefits:


  • No rim whatsoever makes cleaning a breeze. In 5 effortless seconds, every nook and cranny is accessible and every section is glazed and, therefore easy to clean.
  • A propulsion system that ensures more effective waste drainage and full, complete bowl wash… How? Water is powerfully propelled from the rear via two side sprays, 1 center spray and four small rear sprays, ensuring optimal bowl coverage.
  • An anti-splash ledge that provides total bowl wash and avoids splatter… this fully-glazed ledge it guides water to the front of the bowl and redelivers it over the sides.
  • A smooth, deposit-free interior, that lets water flow out easily, prevents scale buildup and germ and bacteria growth.
  • A water-efficient bowl that operates with a 2.6/4L flush, saving approximately 22m3 per year**.

**Estimate based on a 2.6/4L WC used for a year by a 4-person household (1 large flush and 4 reduced flushes 5 times a day per person). The 2.6/4L WC means 22,776 litres saved compared with a 6L WC.


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