Two tap collections by Kohler
Style and precision, softness and modernity




Consumers today want to surround themselves with products that combine deep functionality and detailed design and they want to bring that into their bathrooms.

With Aleo and Aleo+, Kohler has two tap ranges that fully meet these expectations.


These new ranges for vanity tops, baths and showers offer everything you need to create a comfortable, complete bathroom.


Flat surfaces, geometric profiles and softened lines provide modern comfort and an internal structure with a polymer passageway keeps water away from the metal parts. The water going in is as good as the water coming out. Aleo and Aleo+ were designed with the same focus on detail and quality, and each expresses this requirement with its own personality.


The lever clearly differentiates one range from the other.


The Aleo lever presents a flat top surface, perfectly matching the spout contour for comfortable, simple adjustment. With its narrower lever, Aleo+ presents a minimalist design and appears to be crafted just for the enjoyment of an intuitive maneuver.

Both mixers are easy to care for: the aerator on the end of the spout can be replaced without a specialty tool…all you need is a coin. They are also easy to install and come with anti-twist hoses. On the eco-friendly side, the mixers are especially water-efficient (flow limited to 5 litres per minute).

These two affordably-priced ranges bring together design and functionality and work with many different bathroom styles.

In short, Aleo and Aleo+ fully express the standards and values of modern life.


Aleo +



2014 recommended retail price, tax included (VAT 20%):

Washbasin mixer: Starting at €138

Thermostatic shower valve: Starting at €264

Trim for built-in control valve: Starting at €126


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